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The Origin – How did the Show come to be?

The idea for walking with Dinosaur started in 1996 when Tim Haines, the science TV producer at the BBC suggested to use the same technique in Jurassic Park to make a series of prehistoric natural history programmes.

Based on the award-winning BBC Television Series first broadcast in 1999, The Creature Production Company spent AUD20 million and one year to build the “Walking with Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular”. The show first came into life in Sydney, Australia in 2007.

The Show

  • The Show is 96 minutes, including intermission.
  • The Show is entertaining and educational and is suitable for audience in all walks of life.
  • The show was first launched in Australia in January 2007.
  • The show has played 1200+ performances in over 142 cities globally.
  • Over 5.2 million people have seen the show Worldwide.
  • Overall ticket sales of over HK$19 billion (AUD$275 million) since 2007.

The Dinosaurs

There are 20 dinosaurs, 10 species represented.

    Large dinosaurs
  • Plateosaurus - 10 ft tall x 31 ft long
  • Stegosaurus - 18.5 ft tall x 36 ft long
  • Allosaurus - 14.5 ft tall x 43 ft long
  • Brachiosaurus - adult 36 ft tall x 56 ft long and young 29.5 ft tall x 48 ft long
  • Ornithocheirus - Wing Span 38 ft
  • Ankylosaurus - 12 ft tall x 34 ft long
  • Torosaurus - 13 ft tall x 30 ft long
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex - 23 ft tall x 42 ft long
    Suit dinosaurs
  • Utahraptors - 8 ft tall x 14 ft long
  • Baby T-Rex - 8 ft tall x 14 long
  • Liliensternus - 7.5 ft tall x 16 ft long
    Each large dinosaur
  • weighs 1.6 tons a piece (standard family car) 
  • runs on 6 roller blade wheels
    Each large dinosaur contains: (based upon the construction of a Torosaur)
  • 433 feet of hydraulic hose
  • 971 feet of fabric
  • 433 feet of foam
  • 53 gallons of paint
  • 7 kilowatts of power from 12 truck batteries
  • 1094 yards of cabling in each body
  • 24 microprocessors control movement along with 15 hydraulic rams and 6 hydraulic motors each
    To operate one large dinosaur, it takes:
  • A Team of 3 people: 
  • 1 Driver,
  • 2 Voodoo Puppeteers - 
    • one operates  head and tail gross motion, 
    • one in charge of minor movements: mouth, blinking and roars

Awards Received

  • THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Touring Event - November 2007 (Given by the Themed Entertainment Association, The THEAs recognize excellence in the creation of compelling educational, historical, and entertainment projects).
  • Venues Today Hall of Headlines Award for Bookings - Dec 2007.  
  • Pollstar Concert Industry Award: Most Creative Stage Production - January 2009 (recognizes a tour that creatively expands what is offered on the road).
  • Arthur Award: Best in Show, for best new offering on tour - March 2009. It was given at the International Live Music Conference, held in the UK.
  • Billboard Touring Award for Creative Content - November 2008 The award is given by Billboard upon occasion and is similar to the Pollstar award above. The last recipient was Delirium (Cirque du Soleil).  

Worldwide Media Coverage

“Triumphant ... a truly spectacular spectacular”

“That rare entertainment beast that parents and kids can enjoy together.”

NBC The Today Show
“Unprecedented! These pre-historic creatures that once ruled the earth are back!”

Boston Globe
“Offers life-size beasts with skin, sound, mobility and, best of all, attitude.”

New Jersey Star-Ledger
“They pulled it off! Staggeringly realistic -- a tour de force of spectacular special effects, with 15 custom-made dinosaurs so lifelike they make the audience oooh and aaah -- the sound of awe and amazement.”

The Times

Daily Telegraph
“The dinosaurs are truly awesome”